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Track Guide Windproof Roller Blind

The track guide windproof roller blind is a kind of electric roller blind with anti-wind groove and anti-off-chain system. The windproof roller blind is simple and clean, natural and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and beautiful, convenient and practical, and can be fully shaded without edge seams. The unique zipper type guide rail groove technology guarantee The fabric does not deviate, and Hangcheng sunshade can be made into curved and special-shaped windproof roller blinds, which are perfect for preventing insects and mosquitoes and are easy to clean. The cover products have been widely used in villas, sun rooms, restaurants, balconies, hotels, Shinkansen, luxury buses, various Sports venues, office buildings, conference rooms, precision equipment workshops, dust-free factories, modern homes and other places.

The electric track guide windproof roller blind mechanism is a special electric windproof roller blind designed for medium and high-end public environments. Compared with ordinary electric roller blinds, it has two more side guide rails and the cover of the balance system. The side guide rails are used to cover the gap between the fabric and the wall to ensure that the overall mechanism achieves a shading effect.

The driving structure of the electric windproof roller blind is a motorized roller blind mechanism using a special tubular motor.

The tubular motor is directly installed in the fabric roll tube, and the motor drives the roll tube to rotate through forward and reverse rotation, so as to realize the rise and fall of the fabric and meet the requirements of sunshade and light transmission.

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